Why choose ButanGas?

Why choose ButanGas?

ButanGas, a successful history.

ButanGas has been active on LPG market since 1948 and now it is one of the national leaders in this field.

ButanGas has always followed two strategies of development: on the one hand it expands the distribution network widely throughout the Italian territory, including the islands, on the other one, it implements significant investments in facilities for the storage and bottling of LPG.

About Us

ButanGas has been created the 13th December, 1948.
The first store of LPG was built in the Milan area; then the plants were moved to Taliedo, in the suburbs of the city. The coastal depot in Naples dates back to 1951 and today – with its 18,710 m3 of total storage -, is considered one of the largest depots in South Europe.

In the following years other facilities were inaugurated, such as Porto Torres (1955), Catania (1956) then Bari (1960), Mantua (1961), Porcari (1962) and Pescara (1968).

Once consolidated its position in the domestic market of liquid gas cylinders, ButanGas has focused on the distribution of LPG in small tanks for trade use, services and small-scale industry and for home heating in those areas which do not have access to piped natural gas.

The Founder
ButanGas has been founded by Iosif Constantin Dragan, born in Lugoj (Romania) on June 20, 1917.

In 1940, after graduating in Law in Bucharest, he got a scholarship and moved to Italy, where he obtained the second Degree at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome.
He realized the economic potential of the LPG, a product little-known after the II World war and founded the ButanGas Spa. In later years he expanded its activities in Europe, opening associated companies in Austria, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Morocco and South Africa and creating the first nucleus of what would become over the years the Group ButanGas Dragan, today the Veroniki Holding Group.

ButanGas today

Today ButanGas, a Veroniki Holding Group’s Company, is one of the leader of the Italian LPG market and operates throughout the country thanks to 15 branches, 10 units and 9 large storage facilities and bottling of the product, of which 2 coastal deposits.
ButanGas widespread distribution network serves daily the whole Italian territory, including the islands and rural locations, by a fleet of 150 tankers and 110 trucks, reaching more than 150,000 customers of small tanks, 20,000 equipped by gas meters and more than 9,000 cylinder retailers. ButanGas is the majority shareholder in AreaGas Domegliara (VR) and IPEM Brindisi, respectively LPG train and coastal depot. The company is also present on the automotive market with Multifuel filling stations, both as owner and by an arrangement with other companies throughout the national territory.

The ButanGas Team, lead by President Dr. Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan, is formed by 340 employees.
The Management is composed of:

  • GM Ing.Christos Christofides
  • Commercial Manager Ing.Giovanni Distefano
  • Technical Manager Ing. Marco Cattoni
  • CFO Dr. Demetrio Moscato

ButanGas considers safety and environment among its inalienable objectives: all ButanGas plants have high standards of safety, efficiency and technology.

Veroniki Holding Group

In addition to Italy with ButanGas, Veroniki Holding Group is also present on LPG market in Greece (www.petrogaz.gr), Germany (www.drachengas.de), Austria (www.drachengas.at), Romania (www.butangas.ro), Poland (www.dragongaz.pl) and Serbia (www.butangas.co.rs).

Our commitment

ButanGas Spa assures its customers a safe and fast service at competitive prices, using advanced and environmentally friendly technology.

This philosophy and the values that sustain it have allowed ButanGas to obtain the prestigious certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008.

Safety is among one of ButanGas inalienable aims, guaranteed by 67 years of continuous investment. If you want to explore the theme of the legislation on LPG, or if you are interested in the techniques of installation and use of tanks and cylinders, please download our PDF manuals.

Code of ethics

ButanGas, besides offering its products in the highest respect for the law, the environment and the most shared ethical values, develops and formalizes a specific code of business conduct that includes a set of moral values deemed worthy and essential for the organizational improvement in order to prevent any irregularities and misconduct.

The above-mentioned “Code of Ethics” is an integral part of the particular “model of organization, management and control”, which is to adapt the business system to the wording of the Legislative Decree 08/06/2001 No. 231.

All the actors who perform work on behalf and in favour of the Group or can in any way involve, directly or indirectly, any company of the Veroniki Holding Group, are required to comply with these principles, values and rules.


Supervisory board


The Legislative Decree 231/01 has introduced criminal liability for legal persons and companies for specific offenses (inter alia, corporate crimes against the Public Administration regarding safety at work or related to environmental protection) committed for the benefit or on behalf of the company by administrators, directors, employees and consultants.

The Decree foresees financial penalties, disqualification, forfeiture and the publication of the judgment against the companies. It is also possible to adopt precautionary measures during the proceedings.

The Company, in the event in which its representatives commit offences for the benefit of the company itself, may require the exclusion of liability in the following cases:

  • Existence of a model of organization, management and control
  • Existence of procedures to actually prevent the commission of such offences
  • Establishment of a Supervisory Board, which verifies the model and procedures, monitoring the conduct of the Company

ButanGas, with the aim of a constant commitment of the Company and of the management, stressing the need to always ensure an ethical and lawful behaviour, aiming to achieve the exemption from the Criminal Liability Company pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, and to the continuous improvement of the organization and process control, in 2012 started the implementation of the above procedures, adopting an Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to the Decree and appointing a Supervisory Board (Ms. Patrizia Ghini, Mr. Gianluca Officio, Mr. Roberto Bosia).

The Supervisory Board is available for any clarification that may be necessary and can be contacted by certified mail at the address listed below. To the same address may be sent – with guarantee of confidentiality – any reports concerning dubious behaviour or behaviours against the corporate code of conduct.