Possible Uses

Possible Uses

ButanGas has always a ready solution for all your needs: our LPG allows you to cook, to have hot water, heat or cool your home and much more. You will always find a ButanGas consultant near your home.

Call him to learn about the advantages of an economical fuel, safe and immediately ready for use.

Heating and Cooling

Heat your home with LPG ButanGas and discover all the benefits of a clean, safe and always available energy: just install a ButanGas LPG tank. Even as gas meter, paying only for what you use.

Thanks to LPG you not only warm your home in winter, you can also cool it during summer, thanks to innovative machines such as heat pumps run by LPG.

Ask our consultants for advice. They will show you how you will always have a clean, safe and environmentally friendly energy through a ButanGas LPG tank, both above- and below-ground as well as gas meter.

Production of hot water

You can have all the hot water you need in a flash, using the ButanGas LPG in tanks (even with gas meter) or in cylinders. Replace your old, expensive and inefficient electric water heater with a modern and efficient LPG boiler: you can immediately take advantage of all the benefits of this fuel.


To cook your food, ButanGas LPG is the best partner you can get in your kitchen. The high calorific value provides you with a high performance, shortening the cooking time, consequently saving money.

ButanGas LPG, in practical bottles, can follow you everywhere, even on holidays, to supply the kitchen of your vacation home, your camping stove or all the gas appliances of your camper.

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